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Waste Management to Distribute Solar Powered Trash Compactors

The company, whose business has expanded beyond simple trash hauling to include recycling and materials management, will distribute BigBelly solar-powered trash compactors to reduce the amount of waste collection in public places.

Waste Management has become the exclusive waste services distributor of BigBelly Solar's solar-powered trash compactors, which can reduce the amount of trash pick-ups and reduce waste-related costs.

The BigBelly compactor is self-powered, with solar panels running the compactor that can hold five times the amount of trash as regular 35-gallon trash barrels. When the compactor is full, a sensor triggers the compactor to squash the waste down, and once it is completely full, a wireless system sends a signal that the unit needs to be emptied.

The system can cut trash pickups by about 80 percent, reducing collection-related costs and fuel use.

The compactor also has collection bins for plastic bottles, newspapers, glass and other recyclables.

Waste Management will provide WM Solar Powered Trash Compactors to municipalities and high-traffic public areas like sporting events, busy intersections and public parks.

The company, whose services go beyond trash hauling to include recycling and other environmental services, is the exclusive distributor of the compactors in North America.

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