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Water management: What will we think of next?

The following is a sponsored story from AT&T.

You don’t have to look very far to hear news about the water crisis in California. Reducing water use and managing it wisely are among the most important issues facing individuals, businesses and local governments in the Golden State and many other water-stressed communities across the West.

At AT&T, we believe that technology and innovation can play a key role in addressing this challenge and help ensure a more sustainable future. 

But, it’s not just companies who are looking for solutions. It is people everywhere who care about the future, and are making smarter, more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

A group of sixth grade students in Fresno, California, called the “Fab 5,” is just one example. Through an after school activity  which encouraged the students to develop projects that can have a positive impact on society  the group decided to explore water conservation, and they are now making real impact. 

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They conducted their own research, interviewed water experts and met with city officials. They learned that local residents use 80 gallons of water per day to shower and wash dishes, and an additional 170 gallons outdoors. The students were determined to take action, and conceptualized an app to help decrease water usage by leveraging mobile devices. Their idea is to empower residents to track their water use in real-time, thus encouraging changes to behavior that can help save our most vital natural resource  water. 

This good idea caught on quickly. Fresno and the city’s business community rallied behind the students and encouraged support to bring the solution to life. AT&T stepped up and provided a $25,000 contribution, which helped to fully fund the app’s development and kick-start additional fundraising for marketing and public education for when the app is deployed. Fresno technology organization BitWise Industries is now working with the students to design, develop and execute the app that is scheduled for release this September.  


Using technology to solve big challenges is exactly what we do at AT&T, and we are thrilled to support others who are doing the same. Addressing big problems — like the California drought — has to be a collaborative effort.

AT&T has worked with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to develop WaterMAPP, a water management toolkit of resources for businesses that can be used to manage water and identify opportunities for increased efficiency.

We also teamed up with HydroPoint to use our technology to help its customers remotely monitor and manage their irrigation systems, ultimately leading to 15 billion gallons of water saved in a single year.

And, we are now working with IBM and Mueller Water Products on an Internet of Things (IoT) technology solution to help cities with leak detection and water conservation.

The challenges we face are too big for one company or one person to solve alone. The solutions require collaboration and innovative thinking from every corner. AT&T is using the power of its network  both technology and people  to bring community organizations, public utilities and businesses together to work towards a better tomorrow.

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