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What BSR learned in a tour around the world

To celebrate BSR’s 20-year anniversary in 2012, we held a series of dinner debates around the world. Participants in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco and Shenzhen explored the changing world of sustainability -- and how a world of innovators can accelerate progress.

We agree with BSR President and CEO Aron Cramer who commented that as BSR marks its 20th year, there are many reasons to celebrate the global progress. In many ways, everything has changed. Yet at the same time, nothing has changed -- even though sustainability has entered the business mainstream.

“We continue to grapple with the same threats we identified 20 years ago: global climate disruption, economic inequities, and natural resource depletion, among others,” Cramer says.

In an attempt to determine how far we have come and how we can work together to fast-forward solutions, BSR's six dinner debates addressed opinions and solicited advice. 

These dinner debates offered both consensus and a divergence of opinions. Come along with us on a slideshow sharing highlights of what we learned in each city, and how these lessons will inform BSR's path ahead in 2013.

View the slideshow on GreenBiz here.

For more of BSR’s approach and goals, see BSR at 20: Accelerating Progress.

Image of world map courtesy of L.Watcharapol/Shutterstock

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