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What to Expect from Climate Week 2010

What is Climate Week, who is behind it and what do they hope to achieve?

The organizers of Climate Week NYºC have a prepared this FAQ about this year’s event:

What is Climate Week NYºC 2010?

Climate Week NYºC is an annual global forum to mobilize an international public-private response to climate change. 

This year, Climate Week NYºC 2010 represents a series of high-profile events in New York City exploring how greater dialogue between governments and business on low carbon policies, game-changing technologies and public and private finance can help:
•    Halve global emissions by 2050
•    Increase energy security
•    Unlock a clean industrial revolution that will secure jobs and economic growth around the world
•    Secure clean energy access for all

Who is behind Climate Week NYºC?climate week  inset

For the second year, Climate Week NYºC represents a unique partnership between The Climate Group (secretariat), the United Nations, the UN Foundation, the city of New York and the Carbon Disclosure Project. Climate Week events will be held with the support of The New York Public Library and The New York Academy of Science.

Swiss Re is the founding sponsor of Climate Week NYºC 2010 and HSBC is strategic sponsor. Other supporting sponsors include the Global CCS Institute, Dutch Postcode Lottery and Edelman.

The Climate Group -- an international NGO working with business and government leaders on climate change -- leads the week’s activities and acts as secretariat for other Climate Week NYºC partner and affiliate collaborations. The result is a diverse series of high-level meetings, panel discussions, cultural events and public engagements to address and underscore the urgency for action on climate change.

What is the theme of Climate Week NYºC 2010?

The theme of this year’s opening ceremony will ask how the global markets for key low carbon technologies can be unleashed --  from LED lighting, smart grids and electric vehicles to carbon capture and storage and renewable energy. The session also will consider what government policies and public-private partnerships are required to unlock the necessary finance to kickstart a clean industrial revolution.

Our coalition of international government and business leaders suggests a clean industrial revolution is not only possible but is already underway. 

Why now?

In 2010, Climate Week NYºC once again takes place September 20 through 26 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. This year over 100 world leaders will gather in New York to review progress towards the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, including poverty relief, building a sustainable global economy and clean energy access for all. Action to tackle climate change underpins many of these goals.

Two months ahead of the UN’s climate talks in Cancun (COP16), Climate Week NYºC provides a platform for business, government and citizens to reopen the dialogue and demonstrate their support for a new global climate deal, which creates the basis for a prosperous, sustainable, and low-carbon future.

Why New York City?

New York City is a fitting home for Climate Week, as it is a leading example of a world city that is taking practical proactive action on the issue of climate change. The city has pledged to cut its emissions by 30 percent by 2030. See PlaNYC to find out more.

Why do we need Climate Week NYºC 2010?

Collective failure to reach agreement on a new global climate deal in Copenhagen last year does not mean action has stopped or that the scientific rationale for action has changed: Governments continue to implement new climate policies for their own economic, social, environmental and security reasons. 

Similarly, companies continue to develop low carbon technologies and services because it makes good business sense to do so.   However, the climate clock is still ticking and it is only through international coordination and cooperation that the speed and scale the world needs to address climate change will be delivered. 

This is why maintaining international dialogue between business and government at Climate Week NYºC matters.

How Climate Week NYºC can help push for global change?

The CWNYC partners represent business, government, NGOs, academics and civil society, worldwide.  They have come together with one voice to urge world leaders to re-ignite international climate dialogue ahead of the United Nations climate talks at COP16 in Cancun, Mexico at the end of the year.

How can you find out what is going on?

The full list of events is available at

How can you get involved in Climate Week NYºC 2010?

1.    Follow Climate Week NYºC: There are dozens of cleantech and climate related events going on; if you can’t come along you can follow what is going on the official website, on twitter @ClimateWeekNYC and on Facebook.

2.    Make your organization a supporting partner: Host your own event or discussion and have it listed on Climate Week website. Submit an event at

3.    Help get people talking about it: We encourage all our supporters, partners, sponsors and affiliates to spread the word to their employees and stakeholders about Climate Week NYºC and what’s going on via websites, newsletters, social networks, blogs, media, etc.

Articles, analyses and resource material about Climate Week NYºC are available at For more information and event developments, visit and Twitter @ClimateWeekNYC. 

Image courtesy of The Climate Group.

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