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What's really happening to our planet, in 3 infographics

These images illuminate the big picture in waste, carbon footprints and more.

This article was first featured on Ensia.

How did today’s environmental challenges arise? What are their implications? And what can we do to solve them?

Illuminating the answers to these questions is the goal of the more than 100 infographics that comprise "What’s Really Happening to Our Planet," British environmentalist Tony Juniper’s latest book.

The book clearly shows that climate change didn’t appear out of thin air, and agricultural challenges didn’t magically materialize from the ground. Instead, humankind acted over decades and centuries to create the conditions that threaten us today — many of which risk further exacerbation by growing human population and consumption.

Fortunately, as the book also illustrates, with concerted action there is opportunity to find our way out of some of the most stubborn environmental troubles, such as polluted air, scarce freshwater, rising seas and wasted resources.

The infographics above offer a sampler of the environmental challenges, consequences and solutions presented in "What’s Really Happening to Our Planet."

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