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Where clean energy and community empowerment meet

The poorest 20 percent of Americans pays more for their electricity  10 percent or more of their household income  said Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell. "It's not because they're leaving their lights on."

We need to make sure we're not "replacing one extracting economy with another," said Nathaniel Smith, founder of the Partnership Southern Equity. "At the end of the day if we embrace that idea that everyone is an asset and no one is a liability, then we have to look at energy ... and in particular about power ... to be about more than the power of energy."

"Think about the good that can come from putting people, all people, all of our neighbors ... who are treated as an afterthought ... at the center of the systems and the solutions we're creating," Moore said.

Joining the lively discussion about people, policy, projects and power (on more than one front) are Rose McKinney-James of MGM Resorts International and Mark Cayce, CEO at Ouachita Electric Cooperative in Arkansas. Watch the entire conversation from VERGE 17 in Santa Clara, California, here.

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