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Who has the most sustainable fleets? Time to name names

Our report in October will highlight the 25 most innovative and aggressive companies, cities, governments and organizations that are buying and advocating for zero- and low-carbon vehicles,

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Sustainable fleets are at an inflection point, and we here at GreenBiz are looking to celebrate them.

That's why I'm particularly excited to share that GreenBiz plans to publish the top 25 list of sustainable fleets the week before our annual VERGE 20 conference (which will run virtually the last week in October). 

The list will highlight the most innovative and aggressive companies, cities, governments and organizations buying and advocating for zero- and low-carbon vehicles, as well as using other technologies that can significantly reduce transportation emissions. 

Many types of vehicle fleets move people and goods, or do important work in our cities, and we'll consider them all as contenders — from passenger vehicles to delivery vans to transit and school buses to garbage trucks to long haul trucks. We'll also consider all technologies from battery electric to alternative fuels to efficiency tech.

Who's being aggressive? Who's being innovative? Who is rapidly speeding toward a goal to decarbonize their fleet? 

Let us know! Fill out this form with more information about your/their organization. We're asking for submissions until Sept. 30. If you have any questions, drop me a line:

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