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Why it's imperative to prioritize diversity and inclusion with sustainability

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: Sodexo's global chief diversity officer on how to including more diversity across supply chains is good for people and the planet.

"Last year has been a watershed for our culture. With the #MeToo movement and the many, often painful episodes of racial friction, we are reaching a new public consciousness and consensus around the need to understand each other’s perspectives," wrote Rohini Anand, global chief diversity officer for Sodexo, for GreenBiz in February.

According to Forbes, "The focus this past year on women’s issues at work has triggered even more interest in diversity and inclusion (D&I) training efforts in the office." D&I specifically refers to corporate mission and practices that attract and value talent to teams from wide-ranging parts of societies, especially from marginalized communities. 

Anand came to the GreenBiz 19 stage to speak with consultant Susan McPherson about how Sodexo's diversity and inclusion efforts have expanded over the years, and the current strategic efforts around it have increased employee engagement as well as overall productivity.

Watch here.

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