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Will the energy revolution end in democratization?

There’s no question that energy markets are drastically changing. With the influx of renewables and the growth of sustainability planning, energy leaders publicly acknowledge that the current structure of the energy sector is unsustainable.

Cris Eugster, COO at CPS Energy, and Val Jensen, senior VP of customer operations at ComEd and Penni McLean-Connor, senior VP and chief customer officer for Eversource Energy, sat down with Lisa Frantzis, senior VP of Advanced Energy Economy, to discuss the state of energy at VERGE 17. Some trends they discussed were the role of public-private partnerships, the importance of data, how corporate sustainability plans wanted customizable energy solutions and why the energy sector is moving away from traditional models.

They see an opening up in the market: the move from traditional corporate silos to a platform that offered energy resources to customers. The question is — will the platform be an open or closed system?

"Our customers want clean energy — today," Eugster noted.

Watch the live interview here.

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