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Woolworths Cuts Ties with Asia Pulp and Paper Over Sourcing

Another company has cut ties with Asia Pulp and Paper, a paper manufacturer that has long been attacked over alleged illegal logging and unsustainable practices.

Australian retail chain Woolworths has ended its contract with Asia Pulp and Paper, which supplied the company’s Select brand of paper products, according to ABC News in Australia. Last year it pulled Select tissue products and this month ended its contract after it was unable to verify the products were sourced sustainably.

Last year the Forest Stewardship Council severed relations with Asia Pulp and Paper, taking away the manufacturer’s right to use the FSC logo. Other companies including Staples and Office Depot have phased out products from the company.

Criticism against Asia Pulp and Paper from groups like Greenpeace and the WWF centers on accusations of illegal logging practices and destroying rainforests in the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

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