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The year 2013 in green business, set to haiku

<p>What happened in the green business community over the past 12 months? These 12 bite-size poems are the perfect recap for a busy season.</p>

At the GreenBiz Forum and VERGE events in San Francisco  this year, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with green business innovators from the stage and the audience alike.

Appreciative of all that I witnessed this year, and respectful of holiday-season attention spans, here is a personal Green Business 2013 review — in the following 12 verses.

The State of Green Business 
Models, products, tech —
sustainability leads
to innovation.

Context is King
Put “how” and “why” in
front of every question.
What biz are you in?

Lessons from Woodstock
Good spirits, good in-
tentions, creativity —
these can solve problems.

Baking Sustainability into Business
"True costing," SASB,
internal carbon fees and
LCAs gain strength.

Material Transformation
Design with “what is”
and up-cycle what was. The
loops begin to close.

Power to the People
New tools empower.
Consumer movement can help
green business to thrive.

Tripping – a collaboration
Cars, rides, bikes and more.
Watch P.O., UPS and
FedEx sharing now.

Partnering with Nature
Tech originates
in Nature’s labs. Incubate
answers at the Zoo.

On the VERGE
From Boston, Paris,
SF and SP — cities
shine. VERGE lights the way.

Open Data and Building Hacks
Coding volunteered.
Building data opened. The
possible explored.

Energy Innovation
Diverse energy
Interconnects. The micro-
grid tames the Babel.

Happy New Year!
More news coming soon.
Data opens. Cities rule.
Things get smarter — joy!

Image of Chinese calligraphy brush by Lars Kastilan via Shutterstock

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