Greener Gadgets Design Competition Announced

Greener Gadgets Design Competition Announced

Have you or your company designed a green gadget that offers a solution to problems of energy, materials, recycling, product lifecycle, or social development?

Then you might want to think about entering Core77 and Inhabitat's Greener Gadgets Design Competition, which will dole out $5000 in cash prizes to green gadget designers. 

Product designers are asked to consider the product ecosystem of their design, and are encouraged to focus on a certain context, material, or device.

The top 50 entries will be posted on the Internet for commenters to vote on and pick apart. The three winners will receive a $3,000 grand prize, a $1000 second place prize, or a $1,000 third plaze prize.

Last year's winners included a DIY energy meter kit, a gravity-based kinetic energy lamp, and a green cell universal battery to be sold in vending machines.