New Motorola Phone Made of Recycled Bottles

New Motorola Phone Made of Recycled Bottles

One of Motorola's newest phones is made with recycled plastic, comes with less packaging and is carbon neutral.

The MOTO W233 Renew's plastic housing is made from recycled water bottles, it's packaging has been reduced by 22 percent, and its box and printed materials are all made of 100 percent post-consumer content paper.

The plastic housing is also 100 percent recyclable, which could have been a meaningless claim (just because something is recyclable doesn't mean it's easy to recycle or that anyone is willing to recycle it) but Motorola runs a recycling program that takes any mobile phone or accessory.

There's no cost to send in phones, and Motorola covers the cost of shipping. The Renew will even come with a postage-paid envelope so consumers can send in an old phone.

Motorola, which is introducing the phone at the International CES in Las Vegas this month, is also working through to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from the manufacturing, distribution and use of the phone by investing in renewable energy and reforestation projects. The phone has also earned the CarbonFree product certification label.
The Renew will be available in the U.S. this quarter.