White Castle Gets Green Packaging

White Castle Gets Green Packaging

White Castle burgers were a staple of my high school years, but I never thought I could actually feel good about eating them.

That might change with the company's announcement last week that it plans on replacing its white paper sacks and white corrugated Crave Cases with 100% recycled brown paper sacks and brown corrugated cases.

This isn't the first green initiative for the popular chain—the company has used Duro-Last white roofing that reflects over 86% of the sun's energy since 1992. The company also uses LED lighting in 55 of its 412 locations, adding up to yearly CO2 emissions savings of 948 tons.

Additionally, White Castle recycles about 1200 pounds of recyclable plastic and thousands of pounds of metal every year.

In the future, White Castle plans on using green building materials in restaurant construction and installing storm water bioretention systems.