MTA Considering Green Metrocard Program

MTA Considering Green Metrocard Program

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority really wants to green itself— with a little help from customer donations, that is.

This past Thursday, the MTA said that it is considering a "green MetroCard" program that would let riders make tax-deductible donations towards sustainable transportation programs.

The proposal was one of dozens put forth by a special MTA environmental committee.

Under the proposed program, customers would be given the option of paying an extra charge for green projects at MTA card vending machines.

The MTA's program would also apply to E-Z Pass and commuter rail.

Of course, questions remain as to whether riders will want to pay even more money when the MTA is already planning a fare increase. Base subway and bus fare may rise to $3 from $2, and a 30-day unlimited MetroCard may rise to $103 from $81.

MTA officials insist, however, that the program could become successful once the economy picks up.

Regardless of whether the MTA's program works out, the idea of customer donations tacked on to purchases should provide food for thought for businesses that want to launch green initiatives without spending lots of money.