More Old Turbines Get Second Life

More Old Turbines Get Second Life

The recent increase in wind energy projects has also led to major changes in wind power technology— and now there is a generation of old turbines waiting for a second life.

Owners of wind farms built in the 1980s are updating their equipment and are expected to get rid of thousands of worn-out turbines in the next 5 to 10 years. Fortunately, a multitude of new companies are popping up to take old turbines, overhaul them, and sell them to farmers and community developers.

Companies currently selling remanufactured turbines include Halus Power Systems, Energy Maintenance Service, Aeronautica Windpower, and Nexion DG. 

The industry is a boon to small-scale wind projects, which are often strapped for cash and can't compete with larger companies for new turbines. The turnaround time for remanufactured turbines is quicker, too— customers have to wait an average of 2 months for their products, compared to a year for new turbines.

The remanufactured turbine market will only get bigger, as the US Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 will likely stimulate more community wind turbine projects.