New Soap, Old Bottle: Repackaging Name Brand Cleaners

New Soap, Old Bottle: Repackaging Name Brand Cleaners

New Soap, Old Bottle, a company created by designer, concept artist and inventor Scott Amron, looks like a page right out of Terracycle's business plan.

The company sells hand soap, dish soap, glass and all-purpose cleaner, windshield wiper fluid and car wash concentrate in reused plastic and glass bottles. I'll let the company speak for itself:

Each bottle is cleaned, sanitized and processed for reuse as packaging for your favorite brand of liquid soap.

Big companies aren't going to do this on their own. So we'll do it for them. We buy name brand liquid soap by the barrel and package it in old bottles here in America.

The site mentions products from a number of name brands - SoftSoap, Windex, 409, Dawn and Palmolive - and we're waiting to hear back if the big companies are in on the project.

The cleaners mostly come in 20 ounce bottles, with prices ranging from $2.90 for refills in old beer bottles (right) to $4.60 for hand soap. In addition, it has "Super Green" versions of glass and all purpose cleaners that its says are its own "all natural blend."

New Soap, Old Bottle also sells spray, pump and squeeze tops to encourage people to reuse their own used bottles, and the company is looking for old bottles to buy and reuse.

UPDATE: The company is also looking to expand its greener cleaner offerings, Amron said via email. "We also feel that all-natural liquid soaps and cleaners packaged in old bottles should also be offered. So, we're looking to buy all-natural soaps and cleaners by the barrel from established eco-manufacturers such as Seventh Generation," he said.