Stimulus Funds Locator Map

Stimulus Funds Locator Map

Navigating the process of finding Recovery funds and bidding on projects can be a complex and time-consuming process for business owners.

Based on information provided by the General Services Administration (GSA), we created an interactive map that shows where these recovery funds have been appropriated across the U.S. and a couple of its territories.

The GSA has received more than $5.5 billion in funds allocated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which are designated for construction or renovation of federal buildings such as courthouses and post offices. The emphasis, however, is to convert the buildings into “high performance green buildings,” including adding solar panels or small wind turbines, and weatherizing old, leaky structures.

There are about 250 projects in the Federal Buildings Fund, which span across all 50 states, the Capitol, Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands. These projects are broken into four categories:

New construction, including Land Ports of Entry
Full and partial building modernization
Limited scope projects
Small Projects

These projects could turn out to be exactly what Green Jobs supporters want the Recovery Act to do: quickly put people to work, improve energy efficiency, increase water and energy conservation and increase our energy independence.

In particular, projects in the High Performance Green Building modernization category were selected based on the ability to concentrate “on energy conservation and renewable energy generation,” and can include adding a green roof if a solar photovoltaic array is not appropriate.

In addition, the limited scope projects can also include the most common of retrofitting elements, such as: installing daylight and motion sensors for lighting control, HVAC upgrades and water conservation projects.

Our interactive Google Map allows the reader to see the four types of projects and the city where it is located. By clicking on individual pinpoints, it will reveal the name of the project, the address, and the amount of money appropriated for the project.

For example, in Detroit, the McNamara Federal Building Complex, located at 477 Michigan Avenue will receive $30,000,000 in recovery funds for Green Building Modernizations.

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To find out more about specific projects that the GSA-Public Buildings Service is contracting, visit the Federal Business Opportunities web page.

For general information about the GSA’s role in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, visit the Recovery page of their website.