EDF Revs Up Hybrid Trucking

EDF Revs Up Hybrid Trucking

So much environmental progress unfolds behind the scenes that it’s easy to miss.

An example: Environmental Defense Fund’s work with FedEx, Eaton and others to develop a hybrid electric truck industry. (Recently, I interviewed Eaton’s CEO about hybrid trucks here.) We notice Priuses on the highway. But have you ever noticed a hybrid truck?

I’m am admirer of EDF’s work, and not an unbiased one because the NGO has hired me to help with writing projects. We also work together on FORTUNE’s Brainstorm: Green conference. With those disclosures out of the way, I thought you might enjoy seeing EDF’s new video about its work with FedEx, Eaton, Wal-Mart, KKR and others.

A key line comes at the end: EDF notes that it does not accept donations from its corporate partners “which enables the organization to maintain its independence and credibility.”

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Screen Shot from Video -- Image Courtesy of EDF