ExpandOS: New and Perhaps the Most Effective Loose Void Fill Ever

ExpandOS: New and Perhaps the Most Effective Loose Void Fill Ever

ExpandOS Protect Just About Anything

That seems like quite a claim and I have to admit I did not believe it, but recently I received an egg, light bulb and a brick packed in the same box. I was surprised to find the light bulb and egg in perfect condition, completely unaffected by the heavy three and one half pound brick that accompanied it.

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That is where the name ExpandOS came from and it answers one of my biggest complaints about most loose fill products. They tend to be bulky, take up a lot of space and are usually very expensive to ship.

Many loose fill users fail to include the inbound shipping costs when they are calculating the cost of other void fill options such as foam peanuts. Those loose fill products tend to take up a lot of space in your facility so you order less and that means a higher cost per unit as well as additional shipping costs.

ExpandOS on the other hand ship in as a fan folded bundle of sheets. They are processed through a machine (right) and the unique triangular pieces are formed. Each bundle as shown in the photo below is able to make up to 25 cubic feet and they do an exceptional job of blocking and bracing because of their unique design and shape.

Are Expandos Green?

If they weren’t they wouldn’t have caught my attention or be featured on this blog. The product is made from recycled industrial waste and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified) material. In addition they are also 100 percent recyclable but they are also reusable an indefinite number of times. They are lightweight for a paper product and surprisingly clean compared to other paper options.

ExpandOS also solve problems and reduce or eliminate damage and that too is eco friendly when you calculate and include the high environmental cost of product replacement, reshipping, etc.

What is the Cost Compared to Other Products?

Prices for this product are based on usage and annual volume so an analysis of the application is necessary. That is also the time to factor in the cost of leasing or buying the expander machine to be able to make ExpandOS as needed.

Dennis Salazar is the president of Salazar Packaging Inc. This article originally appeared on his blog, "Inside Sustainable Packaging."