Bill McDonough on the Joy of Growth

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Cradle to Cradle

Bill McDonough on the Joy of Growth

Editor's note: This is the first episode of a regular podcast series to be aired on Nature of Business radio, created and hosted by Chrissy Coughlin, airs weekly on public radio.

Nature of Business host Chrissy Coughlin speaks with world-reknowned architect, designer and author William McDonough about his work, the protocol of Cradle to Cradle, the hurdles of that face the GSA, and, lastly, why he does what he does.

Mr. McDonough, through his innovations, continues his mission to determine what is the right thing to do and then to do it as efficiently as possible because as he puts it, "If you are doing the wrong thing efficiently, you are being efficiently wrong -- and it's a problem."

Specifically, Mr. McDonough talks about the joy of growth, leaving a footprint both positive environmentally and economically using his past project at Ford's Rouge River Plant, as well as his current work developing the NASA Sustainability Base as examples of this.

Ford's Rouge River Plant saved Ford Motor Company $35 million dollars in capital expenditures or the equivalent of an order of $900 million worth of cars. He also answers the important issues facing the federal government's General Services Administration (GSA), whose Administrator, Martha Johnson, is a strong proponent of Cradle to Cradle. The GSA is the largest builder, developer, lessor, and manager of properties in the United States.