Chevy Invests in Offset Projects to Slash 4.6M Tons of CO2

Chevy Invests in Offset Projects to Slash 4.6M Tons of CO2

Wind turbine image via Shutterstock

Many people associate Chevrolet these days with the Volt and the Cruze, but the famous brand is also earmarking funds for wind farms, landfills and home weatherization.

These are the kinds of projects Chevy will invest in as part of its commitment to spend up to $40 million to avoid 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide -- roughly the amount of annual emissions produced by the 1.9 million Chevy vehicles it will sell from Nov. 18 2010 to late 2011.

Chevrolet announced today that it has chosen 16 projects to invest in as part of the initiative, which parent company General Motors announced last year on the same day as its blockbuster initial public offering. The projects will avoid 4.6 million metric tons of emissions through 2014.

The offset projects include:

• Three wind farms
• Seven landfill sites where methane will be captured and destroyed; one site will use the methane to heat a local chemical plant
• Three fuel switching projects where natural gas will be replaced by biomass to heat greenhouses
• Weatherization of up to 5,500 low-income homes
• One waste heat recovery project at a gas pipeline pumping station.
• One preservation project that will prevent native prairie land from being converted to agricultural use

All the projects are based in the U.S. and will be third-party verified and certified. The investments will be made through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The initiative's funding will come from existing advertising budgets.

"Now that we're committed to 16 diversified projects, we are fortified in our support of community-based, carbon-reduction initiatives," Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing and Strategy, said in a statement. "It's fulfilling to back organizations working toward building a cleaner, more-secure energy future."

Wind turbine image via Shutterstock.