GE Brings WattStation EV Charger to's Marketplace

GE Brings WattStation EV Charger to's Marketplace

Just in time to reach holiday cyber shoppers, GE is making its wall-mounted charger for electric cars available on

The device, one of the sleek EV chargers designed by Yves Behar for the industrial giant, is the first to be directly sold by a GE business line through Amazon, said Chris Bowler, the general manager of marketing for GE Energy Industrial Solutions in North America. Other GE products that can be found on the shopping site are being sold by businesses like electrical wholesalers.

The wall-mounted version of the Behar-designed WattStation first hit the shelves of Lowe's and The Home Depot earlier this year, and can be purchased online from the retailers. So bringing the device to Amazon was "natural," given the reach of the internet-only retailer and its appeal to early adopters as a shopping environment, Bowler said.

"Certainly," Bowler told me, "it was a key objective to have it online for the holiday season."

The wall model of the WattStation (GE plans to bring a stem-like freestanding version widely to market next year) popped up on Amazon last Friday, toward the tailend of Cyber Week.

The device can be used indoors and outdoors and in residential and commercial settings, such as parking garages. It's selling for $1,099 on Amazon and isn't the only EV charger available on the site.

A home EV charger by Leviton (pictured right) is available on Amazon for $999.75, marked down from $1,049.99, with installation accessories sold separately.

The GE charger requires a dedicated 240-volt, 40 amp service -- somewhat similar to the dedicated circuit needed for an electric dryer -- and the company recommends that home installations involve a qualified electrician, Bowler said. Customers can find one familiar with installing EV chargers by using a link to Service Magic.

"We're trying to make it as easy as possible," Bowler said. "What GE is trying to do is overcome barriers for EV adoption."

Installation costs can run $800 to $2,000 for most chargers unless property owners have a dedicated 240-volt, 40 amp service circuit that's not in use.

GE hopes that the charger will be popular and plans to introduce an option next year that allows customers to choose the color of the band that decorates the rim of the device. Behar made the color and shapes of the chargers he designed for GE distinctive. The pedestal models of the WattStation will look like this: 


The company also has options to dress up its DuraStation charger, a more utilitarian-looking model that's been on the market for much of the year, with a vinyl wrap.

As GE increased the sales platforms for its chargers, IKEA forged ahead with its plan to install about 30 Blink EV chargers by ECOtality at nine stores. So far this week, eight more charging stations went live -- four each at stores in Covina, Calif., and Renton, Wash.

The Washington project was inaugurated this morning, making it the sixth installation project completed since the initiative was announced this summer and the third to be completed in less than two weeks. IKEA flipped the switch on Blink chargers at a store in Baltimore last week.



Top image courtesy of GE; inset photos courtesy of Leviton via, GE and IKEA.