Kohl's Joins Growing List of Retailers to Embrace EV Charging

Kohl's Joins Growing List of Retailers to Embrace EV Charging

Starting soon, Kohl's customers who drive electric cars will be able to recharge their vehicles for free while shopping at the 33 stores that are participating in the company's pilot program.

Kohl's Department Stores is the latest chain to join a growing list of retailers that are installing EV chargers in their parking lots.

The firm announced its program today along with plans to work with ECOtality Inc. and Coulomb Technologies to place electric charging stations at stores in Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

The sites will feature dedicated parking spaces for EV charging and one to four charging stations. Coulomb Technologies and ECOtality Inc. are key players in initiatives to build the infrastructure for EV charging in the United States.

Coulomb, the sponsor of ChargePoint America, will help Kohl's install one charging station at each of 19 stores. ECOtality, the overseer of The EV Project, will supply as many as four Blink chargers at each of 14 other Kohl's stores.

About 30 Blink chargers are being placed at nine IKEA stores, where there has been a surge of installation work as the year comes to a close. IKEA flipped the switch on four charging stations at its store in Emeryville this morning. It was the fourth installation project completed in less than two weeks. That leaves two stores to go on the company's list of sites that will get Blink chargers.

For IKEA and Kohl's, as with many other companies, the EV charging initiatives are part of broader sustainability strategies. Other firms adding charging stations include Lowe's, which is working with GE, and Walgreens, which has made the biggest commitment so far with an initiative to install charging stations at 800 stores.

As more stores plug into EV charging campaigns, Nissan is celebrating the first anniversary of its all-electric Leaf. More than 19,000 people own a Nissan LEAF and have driven over 32 million miles in the cars over the past year, according to the company, which marked the car's first birthday with a cheery -- and just a tad eerie -- video.



Image Credits: Top photo CC licensed by Flickr user hattiesburgmemory. Photo of the Blink charger courtesy of IKEA. Video courtesy of Nissan.