Good Vibes' Ecorotic Ratings Provide a Green Index for Sex Toys

Good Vibes' Ecorotic Ratings Provide a Green Index for Sex Toys

With so many companies trying to shed more light on the contents of their products, from building materials to children's toys, it should be no surprise that the efforts also extend to adult toys.

San Francisco-based Good Vibrations, a purveyor of adult toys since 1977, now has an Ecorotic Rating System for its line of sex toys, aids and accessories whose contents and packaging are easier on the environment. It's part of an initiative Good Vibes calls Sustainable Sex.

At GreenBiz, we try to closely follow the development of green checks and balances for supply chain transparency and product content. Frankly, we're a little embarrassed that we weren't on top of this one -- especially when we told you about the green business certification of another adult toy company and its creation of a novel recycling stream.

We found mention of the Good Vibes rating system amid a deluge of holiday-related green news in our virtual in-baskets. Interestingly, the company's material wasn't yet another pitch about a green gift catalogue. Instead, it noted that spring fever can strike even in the depths of winter and when it does, the green-minded adult can consider the company's eco ratings for products.

The ratings are based on six factors, each of which is equal to one green leaf. The more leaves, the more eco-friendly the item.

ecoroticThe ratings indicate whether goods are free of animal products, made from natural ingredients or recyclable material, rechargeable and manufactured in the United States. The criteria also address whether a product is "body safe," meaning they are made from durable, non-permeable materials that are safer for humans as well as being kinder to the environment, according to company spokeswoman Camilla Lombard.

The rating system launched in late September, bringing more prominence to the Good Vibes Ecorotic products, which by then had been available for about four years.

"While we knew which products are Ecorotic and why, we wanted to make clear to our customers which ones are and why," Lombard explained when we chatted by phone yesterday.

The chemistry and content of products have long been a major concern for the company, she said. It's been a leader in the area and began researching the hormone-disrupting plasticizers called phthalates in 2001. The company discontinued sales of goods containing the substance in 2007, a move which the firm contends was the first of its kind by a multi-channel retailer.

Customers apparently appreciate the decision.

"Our top five products are consistently Ecorotic items, generating over 25 percent of overall monthly sales on average, and revealing that the market supports customer awareness around quality, materials, and ingredients for sensual products," Lombard said in a follow-up email. "So green is good for business, at least in our case!"

Image Credits -- Top photo CC licensed by Flickr user prayitno. Inset photo courtesy of Good Vibrations.