Tendril Unveils Developer Website for Smart Grid Apps

Tendril Unveils Developer Website for Smart Grid Apps

To help discover the "killer app" to accelerate smart grid growth and demand response programs, Tendril is launching a website for developers to create energy management applications.

The Tendril Connect Application Developer website is intended to help developers build apps that can work with smart meters, connected home appliances and smart phones as they connect with back-office utility systems.

Designed with innovation and simplicity in mind, the website emulates Amazon's EC2 web service which makes web-scale computing easier for developers, said Eric Shiflet, Segment Manager of Products and Services at Tendril.

The developer website includes specifications for application programming interfaces (APIs) and open source data sets, as well as a sandbox for developers to test their applications with the cloud-based, Tendril Connect platform. Tendril also plans to provide a smart device developer kit to help in creating new apps.

"The website is a primary mechanism to reach out to the developer community, giving them access to web services and powerful new tools," said Shiflet. "Tendril is a first-mover in bridging open APIs with collateral that a developer would be used to."

The website is an extension of the Tendril Connect Platform Application Developer Program launched in August. The program opens up Tendril's cloud platform for third-party developers to take advantage of real-time data from utilities to build smart grid applications, automate energy consumption, and even communicate with electric vehicles.

By opening up the Tendril Connect platform, the company hopes to accelerate time-to-market opportunities for new products and services targeting the growth of networked devices, big data, and remote management technologies, said Shiflet.

More than 25 ecosystem partners have joined the Tendril developer program, including Whirlpool which plans to roll out a line of "smart appliances" that will automatically manage energy consumption based on data exchanged between the customer and utility.

Other partners include ecobee, makers of smart thermostats, and Simple Energy, which uses the Tendril Connect platform to provide an energy efficiency game to San Diego Gas & Electric as part of the Biggest Energy Saver campaign.

In addition to API documentation and testing resources, the Tendril Connect Application Developer website includes a developer community forum, blog posts from Tendril engineers, and energy industry articles on pricing, metering, and authentication.

Tendril is also holding an Energy Internet and Smart Home App Contest as part of the Cleanweb Hackathon being held later this month in New York City.

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