Recyclebank Enlists Badgeville to Drive 'Gaming for Good'

Recyclebank Enlists Badgeville to Drive 'Gaming for Good'

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Recyclebank's business model revolves around rewarding consumers for green behavior, such as trimming energy use, composting and, of course, recycling.

The pioneer in the concept of "Gaming for Good" is upping its game with a new partnership with Badgeville, a young company that is helping some of the biggest names in corporate America, including Samsung, NBC and Deloitte, measure and manage their existing loyalty and engagement programs, or start new ones.   

Recyclebank hopes Badgeville's added features will increase its members' engagement. The company partners with municipalities, waste haulers and big brands to incentivize consumers to live greener lives.

"Recyclebank takes a carrot versus stick approach to motivating behavior change, with 'gaming for good' principles intrinsic to our business model from the very beginning," said Javier Flaim, Recyclebank senior vice president of global marketing, said in a statement. "We are excited to work with Badgeville and its technologies to further engage and recognize our members for taking steps to live greener lives."

For Menlo Park, Calif.-based Badgeville, it's another feather in its cap and the first in a likely string of announcements where the company's offerings, including Social Fabric and Behavior Platform, will be used in the green business and clean tech space, according to Adena DeMonte, Badgeville's director of marketing.

"This is our first formal announcement of a partner in this space, although we will have a lot more coming out in the next year," DeMonte said.

DeMonte defined gamification as "using techniques from social gaming and loyalty programs -- basically any technique that drives behavior and applying that to non-game experiences." A range of companies are experimenting with gamification to further their sustainability goals, including SunPower, SAP, Blue Shield and Sabre Holdings.

Badgeville's technology may enable Recyclebank members to see leaderboards where they're being rewarded in the context of the community. The entire community may become more social, where members can see how their peers are earning points or engaging with the website, such as by leaving comments.

During a product demo today, she explained to me how Badgeville's technology works and may enhance the experience for Recyclebank members. Overall, with its dashboards, metrics and analytics, it almost reminded me of an energy management solution that, rather than tracing energy use or expenses, tracks behavior patterns and helps users manage vast amounts of data and take action on it.

"It's all about being able to track the behavior and seeing the results," DeMonte said. "And then the companies we work with get to decide what they want to reward, what are those business objectives and how are they going to be rewarding those behaviors."

The list of metrics that can be tracked through Badgeville's Behavior Platform is endless and may include traffic, purchases, page views, donations, votes or work-outs. Another feature called Social Fabric turns the experience into a social network, along with alerts, activity streams and user names.

DeMonte said Badgeville's clients have seen increases in user behavior ranging from 20 percent to 250 percent. "The more social your experiences," DeMonte said, "the bigger those numbers are going to be."

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