4 Key Success Factors in Sustainable Technology

4 Key Success Factors in Sustainable Technology

Today, it's not enough for a company to offer a mere one or two services to be a contender in the business of sustainable technology.

The leading global firms must offer a range of solutions that go well beyond the initial vision of green IT in the context of data center applications, said David Metcalfe, CEO of the independent analyst firm Verdantix.

"There's now really a race on who is going to build the largest practice group globally that delivers the broadest portfolio of sustainability services," Metcalfe told me.

He was speaking about the results of his company's latest report, "Green Quadrant Sustainable Technology Services 2012." Released this morning in the U.K., the report summarizes Verdantix's analysis of 17 global IT services firms based on their offerings, services they have delivered, the nature and scope of projects they've completed and customer perceptions.

The report identifies Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and Logica as the current leaders in the field and, in doing so, highlights four key success factors among the companies setting the pace for the industry.

1. Dedicated Practices

The four companies have practices dedicated to energy and sustainability services. "It's no longer feasible for companies to compete in this market without a dedicated corps," Metcalfe said.

2. Broad Portfolios

Each of the four offer services and solutions in at least 11, if not all 12, of a dozen key areas:

  • Energy and carbon management
  • Facility energy management
  • Sustainable data centers
  • Environmental compliance
  • Sustainability performance management
  • Renewable energy
  • Low carbon transport
  • Climate change IT services
  • Smart meters
  • Smart grid
  • Water stewardship
  • Sustainable cities

3. Skilled Consultants

The firms also have a deep and experienced bench when it comes to strong sustainability consulting skills.

4. Sharing Their Sustainability Track Record

Finally, they actively market their corporate sustainability performance.

The study also identifies five IT systems integrators -- Capgemini, CSC, Fujitsu, Steria and TCS -- that have achieved success in one or two market segments and are building breadth into their lines of business.

In addition, the report identified the top 10 most identifiable brands in the field. Here is Verdantix's chart:

The report released today is the second that Verdantix has compiled on sustainable technology services; the first was released about a year ago. Later this year, the firm plans to release a report on the market size of the industry.

"Green Quadrant Sustainable Technology Services 2012"  is available to Verdantix subscribers. An executive summary is available free at verdantix.com.

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