Practically Green: Changing employee behavior via games (video)

Practically Green: Changing employee behavior via games (video)

Several years ago, Susan Hunt Stevens had an epiphany.

"I had all these light bulbs go off in my head" about Web-based ways to help people reach their sustainability goals, the CEO of Practically Green said.

Stevens’ firm works with other companies to help them customize their own sustainability engagement programs for employees, customers and others. The company’s online game -- called How Green Are You? -- has been successfully licensed to businesses to encourage sustainability within their own organizations.  

Stevens compares the online game, in which users earn points, to the LEED rating system or to the motivation tools used by Weight Watchers. But it’s also given users a way to track their sustainability progress while connecting with others.

“It’s that combination of the game mechanics that we use to help people stay motivated with the power of the social norms that really creates what we’re finding out is one of the most effective behavior-change programs in the country,” she said.

Here’s an excerpt from my recent video interview with Stevens, including her thoughts on how gamification has changed business culture:

Photo of green play button by iQoncept via Shutterstock.