After DC and London, VERGE heads to San Francisco

After DC and London, VERGE heads to San Francisco

GreenBiz Group is announcing a new two-day conference called VERGE SF @ Greenbuild for San Francisco. The event is part of a global series focusing on the business opportunities at the intersection of energy, information, building and transportation technologies.

VERGE SF, slated for Nov. 12-13 at the InterContinental San Francisco, will be held in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) annual Greenbuild Conference & Expo. Greenbuild is scheduled for Nov. 14-16 at San Francisco's Moscone Center, just one block from the VERGE venue.

VERGE SF fits in with this year's Greenbuild theme of bringing technology and sustainability together in the global green movement. GreenBiz's VERGE conferences bring together corporate leaders focusing on a new wave of technological change that is revolutionizing companies and cities. The technology convergence at the heart of VERGE is enabling companies to break down organizational silos and accelerate innovation. It has profound implications for companies' sustainability and business goals.

The San Francisco event will be the last in a global series of VERGE conferences during 2012, beginning with VERGE DC in March, VERGE London May 17, VERGE Brazil in September, and VERGE China in October.

The highly successful Washington, D.C., event featured a diverse ecosystem of federal officials (including FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff and Under Secretary of Defense Dorothy Robyn), thought leaders (such as Lisa Gansky, author of "The Mesh"; Amory Lovins, cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute; Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media), entrepreneurs (including Revolution CEO Steve Case and founders of Buzzcar, Lit Motors, Opower, Relay Rides and Tendril) and executives (from AT&T, Dow, Genentech, General Motors, Google, USGBC, IBM, Johnson Controls, Macy's, PG&E, Roche, Siemens, Sprint, Whole Foods and others).

"VERGE represents a vast opportunity for the world's largest companies, thousands of promising startups, as well as for cities, campuses, and others," says Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group. "These remarkable series of conferences bring together a unique and diverse group of corporate leaders, policy makers, startups and thought leaders in sustainability, building and energy management, utilities, fleets and logistics, government and policy, R&D and corporate financing."

VERGE SF will leverage the more than 40,000 building professionals and others attending Greenbuild, whose keynote speakers and workshops fit well with VERGE SF's theme of utilizing advanced technology and systems thinking to create next-generation buildings and cities that promote radical efficiency of energy and other resources while reducing congestion, improving human health and leveraging the vast potential of today's IT-enabled technologies.

"We believe VERGE is a powerful event that fits well with Greenbuild's mission of convening the industry, sparking innovation and promoting a dialog," said Kimberly Lewis, senior vice president of community at the U.S. Green Building Council. "VERGE and Greenbuild being held the same week will make for a dynamic platform of idea-exchange, networking and an exceptional educational opportunity for attendees." For more information about VERGE, including information about speaking, sponsoring, and attending the event, contact Ellie Buechner. For more information about Greenbuild, visit