Storify: Business charts a course at Rio+20

Storify: Business charts a course at Rio+20

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Business charts a course at Rio+20

Who will lead the way to the green economy of the future? While governments may be heading the negotiations at the Rio+20 conference, the business community is taking a high-profile role, though -- no surprise! -- it hasn't escaped criticism.

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Bright start for business leaders at #RioPlus20 reports Eric Marx #csr #business #siemens #microsoftEthical Corporation
RT @CFigueres: Tomorrow is Business Day at #Rioplus20! 1st thing in the AM, I’ll explain why businesses are crucial to #sustainability and #climatechange.DotGreen
RT @PwCclimateready: Have we got a business case for Rio? Malcolm Preston previews Business Day at #Rioplus20 Pattberg
RT @LykkeHS: "Yes, there IS a business case", Susanne Stormer on Novo Nordisk's climate strategy #compact4rio #Rioplus20bvonwurden
RT @UNrightswire: #RightsRio: #RioPlus20 outcome needs to inclu business - UN Protect, Respect & Remedy framework: Abdal Aziz
But not all businesses are feeling the love in Rio. Activists have been skewering Big Oil with the #fossiloftheday meme.
Eliminating inefficient fossilfuel subsidies could achieve half the world’s carbon reduction goals #rioplus20Marcos Méndez
RT @amarapossian: Just walked into a room full of billionaires making signs... #fossiloftheday should be interesting. Fenton
Fossil fuels are subsidized 12 times as much as renewable energy. Time for a #PowerShift! #EndFossilFuelSubsidiesEnergy Action
Journalist: "you've got 3 lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry for every congressman in the US. HOW will you #endfossilfuelsubsidies?"Amara Possian
@PriceofOil says they're working to get politicians who are in bed w/ fossil fuel industry out of office #endfossilfuelsubsidiesAmara Possian
Governments weren't spared either.
You know another thing that #Canada could do? Stop lobbying the #EU on the Tar Sands. As well as #EndFossilFuelSubsidiesNeva Frecheville
RT @life_lite: Embarrassing! Canadian negotiator at #rioplus20 called promoting #tarsands "doing God's work" #endfossilfuelsubsidieskevin russell
On the flip side, renewable energy got a few shout-outs.
Since 2005, we financed >$2.3B in #RenewableEnergy projects. #IFCclimate clean #energy #IFCsusdev #RioPlus20IFC
Quite the stat: “@Accenture/@globalcompact report: 90% of consumers worldwide want more #renewableenergy. #rioplus20.”Steve Smith
Overall, there's been plenty of positive Rio buzz -- and business leaders are taking advantage of the spotlight to focus attention on their sustainability goals and commitments.
Business Leaders Commit to Water Sustainability at #rioplus20 #compact4rioUN Global Compact
RT @CabreraAngel: The Rio Declaration adopted by business educators gathered at #Rioplus20 #compact4rio PDF #PRMEGIBS Sustainability
Pledge to go #green: "1,200 business executives have joined government and NGO representatives" at #Rioplus20 5
24 Major Companies Announce Commitments Demonstrating the Business Imperative of Valuing Nature #rio20 #rioplus20Andrew Deutz
RT @wbcsd President discusses how business has focused on reporting & valuing natural capital at #Rio20 #Rio #RioPlus20 Yachnin
Basic resources have become a big concern. For instance, businesses are taking the question of water scarcity seriously.
RT @KPMGglobal: It’s predicted that by 2030 global demand for freshwater will exceed supply by 40% #rioplus20 #rio20Rebecca H. Goldberg
Rio+20: Big businesses club together to demand #water is given fair value via @guardian #Rioplus20IISD WIC
RT @GuardianSustBiz: RT @andycwales: 45 CEOs call for water to be better valued and pledge their own action #rioplus20 @SABMillerCDSB
What's next? Businesses and governments look ahead to 2015.
Down to Business: Leading at #RioPlus20 & Beyond. White paper & reports on the state of sustainable development:
RT @yvodeboer_KPMG: Clear Sustainable Development Goals are the basis for a structured business approach to climate change #Rioplus20 Albonico
RT @ipsnews: New Set of Sustainable Development Goals Looks Beyond 2015 #SDGs #RioPlus20 #FutureWeWant #earthsummit2012Onésimo here