GreenOrder, Cleantech Group announce merger

GreenOrder, Cleantech Group announce merger

In yet another sign of the growing convergence of clean technology and sustainable business, two pioneering service companies have announced a merger. GreenOrder, a 12-year-old consultancy whose clients have included companies such as GE, General Motors, Disney, and HP, and Cleantech Group, one of the earliest companies bringing together investors and start-ups in clean technology, say they have entered into a "definitive agreement" to join forces.

(Disclosure: GreenBiz Group's Executive Editor, Joel Makower, serves as a senior consultant to GreenOrder, and previously served on Cleantech Group's advisory board.)

The two companies largely complement each other's offerings. In recent years, San Francisco-based Cleantech Group has moved more into the data business, with its i3 intelligence platform that provides insight into transactions, companies, and partnerships. It also runs events around the world and has a small advisory services division. New York-based GreenOrder's presence will significantly bolster the advisory offerings, with its rich client list and consultant team.

Earlier this week, Andrew Shapiro, GreenOrder's founder, who left the company last year after its acquisition by LRN, announced the formation of Broadscale Group, a network of power and utility companies with an interest in cleantech and renewable energy innovation.  

"This merger represents the future of sustainability," said GreenBiz Group's Makower. "The center of action for clean technology has moved from the venture capitalists to the world's largest corporations, many of which are GreenOrder's clients. The merger reflects the mainstreaming of clean technology from a mission to a market."

The merger -- expected to be completed later this month -- will result in the combined company having offices in San Francisco, New York, and London.