Leaders from GE, IBM, Natura, Walmart to convene at VERGE São Paulo

Leaders from GE, IBM, Natura, Walmart to convene at VERGE São Paulo

On October 16, GreenBiz Group will bring its VERGE event series to Brazil, where corporate executives, city officials and thought leaders will meet to examine the sustainable business opportunities found at the convergence of technologies. VERGE São Paulo features an executive roundtable with representatives from GE, IBM and Walmart, as well as local leaders from the government, academia and civil sectors.

VERGE São Paulo is the latest in a global series of events produced by GreenBiz Group, a media company focusing on corporate sustainability strategies and innovation. The series began in 2011 with events in Shanghai, London and San Francisco. VERGE São Paulo is the first event in South America, co-produced with São Paulo-based sustainability consultancy Report Sustentabilidade.“We believe that a more sustainable business model is only possible through our capacity to innovate and to integrate new approaches into the way businesses operate,” said Alvaro Almeida, director and partner of Report. "We are excited about VERGE São Paulo because it will facilitate multi-sector dialogue and collaboration to advance innovation and sustainability.”

Each VERGE event is simulcast live through VERGE Virtual, amplifying the conversation to a global audience through a highly interactive online environment.

Among the key themes to be discussed in São Paulo are:

  • Big Data: How massive data flows and computing power are spawning the application software that provides utilities, transportation systems and cities with new capabilities to benefit businesses and consumers.
  • Energy Utilities and the Cloud: How cloud-based IT processes and applications are being used to maximize efficiency and profitability in data centers and other facilities.
  • Smarter Supply Chains: How data sharing, RFID, and track-and-trace technologies are being leveraged to reduce risk and create competitive advantages in global supply chains.
  • Cities 2.0: How networked technologies, public-private partnerships and sustainability strategies are changing the way cities provide solutions for citizens and businesses.

“VERGE brings together the emerging ecosystem of business innovators, entrepreneurs and leading public officials to explore opportunities for radical efficiency,” said Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group. “As Brazil continues to expand its infrastructure with an eye to sustainable development, we’re confident VERGE São Paulo will offer an unparalleled opportunity to drive meaningful and lasting change.”

The event will be livecast on the VERGE Virtual platform. Admission to the virtual event, but registration  is required.