Video: The making of VERGE

Video: The making of VERGE

What does it take to make a great conference? A great team -- and lots and lots of details.

At our 2012 VERGE SF event, I took advantage of my Flipcam, too much time on my hands, and my amateur videography skills to provide a glimpse into what happens during the 90 minutes or so before we first walk on stage. It shows members of the GreenBiz team — Jenna Burnett, Ellie Buechner, Becky Dempsey, Eric Faurot, Pete May, Sam Smith and Derek Top — along with various others doing whatever it takes to get things ready.

Thanks to GreenBiz Executive Producer Sam Smith for turning my shaky footage into something watchable. You'll see Sam giving a tour backstage of "video village" — his personal workshop, where all of the video feeds, audio feeds, and slides all come together, then are sent out for the benefit of those in attendance, others watching the livestream, and still others who will watch parts of the conference "on demand" for years to come. It's a production worthy of a major sporting event — but it's all for a good cause.

To read about highlights from VERGE Day 1, click here. For highlights from VERGE Day 2, click here.

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