Lego, Motorola back new WindMade product label

Lego, Motorola back new WindMade product label

Businesses that source the majority of their power from renewable sources are being urged to carry the new WindMade label on their products to prove to customers that they back the expansion of green energy.

WindMade last week unveiled the new product label, which is a step up from the original corporate label launched in 2011.

The labeling scheme already has 65 members, including Bloomberg, Motorola, Deutsche Bank and Lego, and the organization is hoping the new standard will encourage a wider number of manufacturing and services organizations to carry the label on their products.

While the corporate label requires companies to source 25 percent of their energy from renewables, companies will be able to use the new product label only if they source at least 75 percent of their energy from renewable sources.

WindMade said it would assess the product's entire supply chain before awarding the independent accreditation. Only those that source three-quarters of the electricity they use from cradle-to-gate from renewable sources will be able to carry the label.

No companies yet have been confirmed as using the product label, but a spokeswoman for WindMade told BusinessGreen that some of the 65 corporate label holders have shown interest in applying for the new standard.

The new label is designed to help environmentally conscious consumers choose products that have a lower carbon footprint and help companies to improve the reputation of their brands.

"The WindMade product label provides consumers with the transparency they demand, and with a credible and intuitive tool to make informed purchasing decisions," said Henrik Kuffner, WindMade chief executive.