The best tweets to kick off Climate Week 2014

The best tweets to kick off Climate Week 2014

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Climate Week is making noise in New York City. As many as 400,000 people took to the streets yesterday for the Peoples Climate March, possibly the largest demonstration of its kind ever. Even U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined the throngs.

Today the more sober work began, chiefly the U.N. Climate Summit, the prelude to the 2015 international climate agreement set to be made in Paris through the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Climate Week gathers 100 or so related events (including GreenBiz's VERGE Salon, which you can still watch), organized by the Climate Group and the CDP and joined by more than 40 other groups, including companies from Bloomberg to the Weather Company. (Search here for conferences, films, gallery shows, concerts, cocktail hours, awards  fêtes, and policy roundtables. Reports are already being released at a fast and furious pace each day; more on those here soon.)

Here's a wide-ranging collection of tweets that offer a sense of the serious business and sheer energy of Climate Week so far. You'll recognize familiar GreenBiz voices:

IKEA, Swiss Re, Mars, H&M go all-in on renewable energy #GrnBz via @GreenBiz

— Heather Clancy (@GreenTechLady) September 22, 2014

.@CFigueres asking brilliant CEOs how their genius can help #climate on a bigger scale. So far answers are still abt better products #CWNYC

— Bruno Sarda (@bruno68) September 22, 2014

Companies must communicate the whole footprint of what they're selling @tim_cook in conversation @CFigueres #CWNYC

— Joel Makower (@makower) September 22, 2014

CEOs worldwide are 2X as likely as they were in 2012 to identify #sustainability as their top priority: #WeMeanIt

— The Climate Group (@ClimateGroup) September 22, 2014

Top business leaders explain why they joined the People's Climate March: #CWNYC

— Sustainable Business (@GuardianSustBiz) September 22, 2014

Climate change is biggest problem, but also most exciting opportunity, says @richardbranson At #CWNYC

— Andrew Winston (@AndrewWinston) September 22, 2014

China and Brazil switch places in their response to climate change: a kinetic new axis

— schapiro (@schapiro) September 22, 2014

"We must act all together. This is our planet Earth. We do not have Planet B.” -@UN sec gen Ban Ki-moon #CWNYC #wemeanit RT @BSRnews

— Aman Singh (@AmanSinghCSR) September 22, 2014

"The energy economy of the future is a $6 trillion market. It’s the mother of all markets.” says @JohnKerry #CWNYC

— Katie Fehrenbacher (@katiefehren) September 22, 2014

Climate Week has begun. Yesterday, 300,000+ marchers said “We must.” Today, progressive business is stepping up to say “We will” #CWNYC

— Joel Makower (@makower) September 22, 2014

Dealing w/ climate change takes innovation & investment. Business is bringing solutions #cwnyc

— World Bank Climate (@wbclimatechange) September 22, 2014

How the #PeoplesClimate march won support in the business community: #CWNYC

— Businessweek (@BW) September 20, 2014

#PeoplesClimate March along Central Park West, Remarkable drone footage: ht @algore

— Andy Revkin (@Revkin) September 21, 2014

That's really quite the kicker:

— brad plumer (@bradplumer) September 22, 2014

U.N. Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon joins #PeoplesClimate March.

— Mashable (@mashable) September 21, 2014