Exploring early-stage technologies and scientific developments playing a role in corporate solutions to climate change.

Nature’s Fynd, formerly Sustainable Bioproducts, started as a NASA research project. It begins production this month at a facility in Chicago’s old stockyard district.
The design is free of cobalt, an increasingly controversial material. Plus, Mercedes-Benz is involved in the next phase of testing.
The 130-year-old French tire company will test the technology first on electric passenger vehicles in collaboration with General Motors.
The technology was born at the company’s research center in California.
Canadian company EnviroLeach wants to make the process of "urban mining" less hazardous for humans and the environment.
An energy technology with an incredibly long time to market finds a more immediate product shrinking tumors.
PowerLight's technology uses lasers to charge things over "free space" or fiber optic cables.
If the electric grid can be decentralized, why can't the water system?
New technologies from Canadian companies CarbonCure and CarbiCrete are part of an XPRIZE focused on beneficial uses of carbon dioxide.
Startup Solugen wants to clean up the manufacturing process for the bathroom staple, which also offers a host of industrial uses.