The greening of academe has been in process for years, as campus after campus takes on a wide range of initiatives, from alternative energy to zero waste. What's going on on campus has lessons for companies. In this monthly column, Second Nature, whose mission is to create a sustainable society by transforming higher education, offers stories and insights from colleges and universities around the United States.

States interested in getting rid of chlorofluorocarbons are creating protocols for carbon credits for replacing old systems.
Sustainability pros, data centers need you. Here's what you need to know to support a lean, secure environment in your company.
The City collaborates with Portland State professors to strategize how to achieve its aggressive climate action plan of cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent.
A 33-square-foot home makes a shipping container look palatial, as the Huston-Tilloston University campus discovered firsthand.
Powering down computers saves one university thousands every year. With easy-to-use Energy Star resources, you can make simple but substantial fixes.
The Intentional Endowments Network brings colleges and universities together to how to better make their investments reflect their values.
University of Arkansas and its law school work to pass fresh foods to the needy, reducing hunger without creating a legal liability.

Southern Oregon University puts LEED-certified buildings and other green commitments to extra use with a carbon credit system.

Second Nature's new ARC program works with business and government to integrate decision-making and positive futures.

A behind-the-scenes look at a recent conference aimed at helping universities put endowments to work for the environment.