Future MBA

A sustainable campus in Denmark saves $5.3 million, the University of Oxford cuts a third of emissions and a business school teaches brave leadership.
In part nine of a 10-part series, students advocate for local meals, schools finance for development and foster immersion.
Students discuss the business of crisis management, innovate clean water solutions and find the link between tax fraud and poverty.
In week seven of 10-part series, sustainability opens pathways to the MBA; music festivals explore the culture of big data.
MBA students learn that community health, immigrant integration and cultural co-existence play a major role in business health and sustainability.
In part five of the ten-week series, colleges launch massive open-sourced courses; ignorance is examined as a path to productivity.
In week four of 10-part series, a Chinese campus goes for LEED gold; insurers account for climate change.
In week three of 10-part series, colleges are implementing programs to help students be the change they want to see in the world.
In week two of a 10-week series, schools create sustainable housing and celebrate social impact with a weeklong festival.
Each week, we explore 10 new ways how campuses tackle the world's biggest problems, from the circular economy to clean-energy funds.