GreenBiz 101

GreenBiz 101 steps you through the essentials on topics essential to working in sustainability.

From sugar to flax to algae, entrepreneurs and multinationals are racing to cultivate plant-based solutions meant to downplay the world's dependence on single-use plastics.
When the G20 speaks, investors and companies listen.
Google, Philips and George Washington University are pioneering joint renewable energy deals that could open the field to more small and mid-size players.
How did batteries become such a sexy discussion topic among sustainability professionals? Here’s some advice for deciphering the headlines.
Could this be the holy-grail application for distributed grid resources?
Once you understand your energy consumption patterns, how do you act on them?
Utility bill data or interval data? Utility-owned smart meters or building-installed meters? Parsing the advantages and disadvantages of various energy data types.
There's a subtle but significant shift in how companies including Mahindra, Covestro and Johnson Controls are talking about power management.
Technologies from the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft could change our worldview for the good of the planet.
"Zero waste" sounds like a straightforward concept. MillerCoors is one example of the many companies trying to translate that ideal into practice.