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Here are highlights from the latest books on business, sustainability and resilience. To share new titles with us, email [email protected].

Geoengineering and environmental technologies are the vaccines author Thomas Kostigen believes we need to cure the planet’s ills.
A new book shows how we can adapt the built and natural environment to be more flood resilient in the face of climate change.
As the U.N. negotiators behind the Paris Agreement, Figueres and Rivett-Carnac have done a lot of work together. We caught up with them about their latest collaboration, a book called "The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis."
For some industries, rising consumer demand and expectations are a clear driver. In others, there's regulatory pressure.
It’s not enough to just blame Big Ag. We need to create new ways of thinking and doing when it comes to food production.
Animal activists have made huge strides over the past two decades. But it hasn’t been enough to tip the scales of justice.
Deep decarbonization only happens if every polluter pays, not just the environmentally conscious.
In 2010, a partnership effort between Atlantic City Electric, New Jersey’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ found a way to use utility rights-of-way to help the eastern tiger salamander adapt to climate change.
Severe droughts have caused soil fertility to decline and therefore, yields hampered.
Local groups have engaged with regulators, legislators and other experts to drive impact.