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Here are highlights from the latest books on business, sustainability and resilience. To share new titles with us, email [email protected].

This is a call to farms — to reconnect to one another and places where we live, all the way down to local food systems and the soil.
The current workplace climate is tricky. Here's how to turn conflict and consensus into productivity and innovation.
Incremental improvements are no longer enough to counter the profound issue of scarcity.
Think beyond "glorified taxi services."
The Global North's economy has created a dire global ecological predicament. Now, we must shift to an economy that respects planetary boundaries.
A reality check about the ultimate cost of our economy's unchecked consumption.
It's actually easier to avoid profit-killing shareholder initiatives and consumer boycotts and to promote environmentally responsible behavior.
To achieve the U.N. Goals, we need trillions, not billions, in investment. Here's how that will create market opportunities for a more sustainable world.
Businesses, resident and authorities must recognize the cycles of tourism that can lead to the destruction of the most beautiful places on Earth.