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Here are highlights from the latest books on business, sustainability and resilience. To share new titles with us, email [email protected].

Severe droughts have caused soil fertility to decline and therefore, yields hampered.
Local groups have engaged with regulators, legislators and other experts to drive impact.
The technologies, methodologies, and practices that got us here won’t get us out again.
Companies must establish systems, structures and training to make it relatively easy for every employee and supplier to implement sustainability.
People of color, who are often the most impacted by the climate crisis, must be part of the environmental movement and the transition to a clean economy.
California has long dominated the headlines about wildfires — but other regions are experiencing fires more often.
Decision-making favors short-term rewards informed by quick measurements — but calculating in more qualitative data can help.
From ceremonies to harvesting and food storage, to political leadership, to gender relations, indigenous groups have detailed understandings of how design societal institutions to support resilience. But colonialism changed that.
In order to prepare for more climate disruption, the United States and others will have to "raise unprecedented amounts of money to cope with the impacts of climate change."
"The right change for the wrong reasons brings no guarantees," writes ecologist Alejandro Frid.