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Here are highlights from the latest books on business, sustainability and resilience. To share new titles with us, email [email protected].

Excerpt from a new book on the human condition, from the former CEO of Green Seal.
An excerpt from Bill McKibben's new book about the ups and downs of "the human game."
One of the region that produces the most food for America is also one of the most polluted.
The accumulation and concentration of marine plastics have grown significantly over the past half-century. Here's why that matters.
As climate change increasingly affects the world, it should also affect your worldview.
Mission-driven sustainability jobs are more desired by younger generations and more needed as climate change hits harder — so let's create them.
Making reduce, reuse and recycle reliable.
The history of our food system isn't just about food, it's also about power.
As public awareness of composting models grows, a new vision is emerging.
Transit projects offer a plethora of benefits to communities — but also reveal deep-seated worries and anxieties.