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By framing the issue as one of human costs and opportunities, Obama opened the door to action.

Use these prompts to determine how to get your company's ducks in line.

Companies that send the wrong message on sustainability, or where departments don't talk to one another, can see customer trust and brand equity damaged.

The way a company communicates its sustainability stance can have a significant effect on both its reputation and bottom line. Learn how to cut through the cacophony to deliver a message that is both consistent and authentic.

The sharing economy, exemplified by collaborative consumption-based companies like Getaround and Airbnb, are often touted as signposts on the path to a greener future. But it turns out it's hard to know if these are actually greener business models.

As the demand for data storage explodes, data center owners are having to dramatically scale up operations -- and resource demands. Here's what they can learn from their brick-and-mortar peers about working with their communities.

Although the utility industry has little consensus on best practices for speaking clearly and persuasively about the benefits of the smart grid, it's more important than ever for energy companies to cut through the hype and reach their customers.

The just-closed auto expo show how the cleaner car market is rapidly maturing, with more automakers building more innovative, more efficient vehicles -- and demand for those cars soaring.

NGOs and companies in a wide range of industries have taken increasingly ambitious steps to manage their water footprints. Most oil and gas firms, however, have remained silent on the matter.

Green is growing deep roots in the auto industry, as this year's Geneva event waves fewer eco flags but shows big improvements in fuel efficiency and auto innovation.