Names in the News

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Plus a new 'ClimateVoice' seeks to pump up the volume on climate policy in business.
Plus, journalists jump to sustainability positions, and there are some sustainable shipping shakeups.
From new ventures from sustainability stalwarts to tech executives in energy management, it's an interesting time of the year for the sustainability field.
Plus: Patagonia's political plays and food companies begin to bake in sustainability.
This sustainability roundup: Renewable Energy Buyers' Alliance appoints an Air Force bigwig, MetLife creates a CSO role, and California state government gets stacked.
Q3 sees many industry leaders find new CSOs, Rocky Mountain Institute expand and aviation try for sustainability.
General Motors' leadership goes matriarchal, the Society of Environmental Journalists' new president reports for duty and more.
In this month's roundup of interesting sustainability career moves: ex-politicos go private, Nelson Switzer leaves Nestle and sustainability boards get shakeups.
An Alliance to Save Energy leader electrifies energy efficiency, Terry Yosie asks for career inspiration and mission-driven capital gains Oakland grit.
A Silicon Valley legend trickles into water tech, a new executive director pollinates Volans and SERA builds up sustainable architecture.