P2 Impact

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national partnership of regional centers that advance pollution prevention as a cornerstone of sustainability.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the grant program that supports P2Rx in 1997.
The centers ensure easy access to high-quality information on how to prevent and reduce pollution through source reduction and conservation of natural resources. The centers also build communities of practice, provide technical assistance and measure P2 program results.

Building on EPA studies and requirements, a California community measures “point source” pollutants and holds businesses accountable.
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Consider the life cycle of products you purchase, just as you look at nutrition labels to choose healthy foods.
Smashing! The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition has over 150 volunteer members making food scrap recycling happen throughout the state.
Projects like these can build better businesses and more sustainable communities.

What do ice cream toppings, mushroom-based packaging and paving stones in common? They all can be greener.

Biodiesel is good for the environment and the economy, yet it's not getting the love it deserves — starting with regulation.

How America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company has been brewing up a strategy to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency, realizing savings along the way.