P2 Impact

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national partnership of regional centers that advance pollution prevention as a cornerstone of sustainability.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the grant program that supports P2Rx in 1997.
The centers ensure easy access to high-quality information on how to prevent and reduce pollution through source reduction and conservation of natural resources. The centers also build communities of practice, provide technical assistance and measure P2 program results.

A new database will reveal which pollution-prevention programs are producing results.

Breweries large and small are trying creative and innovative strategies to become more sustainable in light of market changes and demands.

The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse's guide helps states and companies promote better product design and prevent regrettable substitution.

This Connecticut resort is a leader in hotel energy efficiency, recycling and water savings.

A university town's transit system and a packaging company offer examples of how to keep sustainability meaningful in the Prairie State.

Benchmarks, data tracking, team work and communication are all key to building a sustainability plan that resonates with consumers.

Use these techniques to connect your EHS program to core business functions and get full support.

Company leaders and senior managers must commit to continual improvement in order to succeed.

College students create mountains of electronic waste, so why not use them to solve the problem as well?

Improve your core business. Get the top brass involved. And don't forget to make it cool.