P2 Impact

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national partnership of regional centers that advance pollution prevention as a cornerstone of sustainability.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the grant program that supports P2Rx in 1997.
The centers ensure easy access to high-quality information on how to prevent and reduce pollution through source reduction and conservation of natural resources. The centers also build communities of practice, provide technical assistance and measure P2 program results.

Most U.S. businesses have adopted some type of green program or technology.

St. Louis companies participate in a regionwide learning lab to make their daily operations greener.

One government program in Virginia aims to help facilities meet their own goals rather than setting goals for them.

Teams in Philadelphia have been at the forefront of efforts to keep waste out of landfills and use renewable energy.

Businesses should pay close attention to how states' laws on chemicals are advancing in the face of stagnated federal reform. 

Converting waste from one company into a feedstock stream for another can generate revenue while reducing virgin material and energy use.

The Texas capital's program to spur small green businesses is also providing a boost to its economy.

Gettting rid of medical waste sustainably requires a healthy dose of effort.

Disposable wrap is often used to sterilize surgical tools, but reusable cases provide a more sustainable alternative.

It's easy for a business to make green claims without really getting greener. Here's how to do the right thing.