Policy Matters

This column, by the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), a network of companies and business associations, identifies public policies where a business voice, grounded in principles of innovation, fairness and environmental stewardship, can make an essential difference in the advocacy process. The goal is to arm readers with information and specific actions to take. As business leaders, we can and must support policy change to help make the economy more green and sustainable. The column editor is Richard Eidlin, ASBC's Director - Public Policy and Business Engagement.

103 members of Congress co-sponsored a clean energy bill that would boost non-carbon sources of power. The American Sustainable Business Council wants businesses to back it.
Political opponents of climate action claim to be protecting the business community, so we have to speak up even louder for ourselves.
Chemical reform, climate change and clean water need a business voice.
Long a boogeyman of the right, carbon taxes are getting a closer look as the urgency of climate change becomes clearer.
The American Sustainable Business Council needs your help on these environmental bills before Congress.
Who said business thinks the Clean Power Plan will be a job killer? 64 percent of small business owners nationwide polled by ASBC said government regulation is needed to reduce carbon emissions.
They may sound wonky, but several proposals winding through Capitol Hill could have major implications for sustainability-minded businesses.
With consumers and shareholders demanding products without toxics, the U.S. government needs to improve chemical regulations — fast.
With critical deals on the table, it’s time to add your voice to the clamor for healthier guidelines, pacts and legislation.
The Toxic Substances Control Act is up for reconsideration before Congress. It needs to be strengthened to assure testing of 62,000 chemicals now outside of the regulation.