Proof Points

GlobeScan has been tracking the evolution of public attitudes around the world toward the role of business in society for more than a decade. Specializing in research and strategic counsel, GlobeScan provides insight to firms, governments, multilaterals and NGOs in pursuit of a prosperous and sustainable world.

New research shows that Americans are increasingly concerned about the environment, but don't currently have lifestyles that reflect that.
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Since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, nonprofits have made more progress than other groups. What's their secret, and what does this mean for COP21?
Unilever is still regarded as the clear leader in sustainability among global companies, according to an annual survey by GlobeScan.
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Recent research shows that consumers in different nations hold varying opinions about the need for food change, and many don't know how to help.
The most recent GlobeScan/SustainAbilty survey shows big plans for both traditional partnerships and broad multi-actor, systems-focused efforts.