Proof Points

GlobeScan has been tracking the evolution of public attitudes around the world toward the role of business in society for more than a decade. Specializing in research and strategic counsel, GlobeScan provides insight to firms, governments, multilaterals and NGOs in pursuit of a prosperous and sustainable world.

Companies share the challenges, strengths and perceptions of chief sustainability officers with GlobeScan and BSR in a recent survey.
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Consumers believe that if your company isn't transparent, you're hiding something. But what kind of data is best to disclose?

Meaningful strategies and better engagement with the public can provide business with a great opportunity for corporate sustainability leadership.

GlobeScan and BBMG profile Aspirationals: They like to purchase goods, like to support people and planet, and (surprise!) are loyal customers.

GlobeScan and Sustainability's 2014 Leaders Survey shows that experts' approval of the food and personal care company has only grown in the past year.

Social entrepreneurs and NGOs are filling the gap to lead the sustainability charge, according to experts in this GlobeScan SustainAbility survey. 

GlobeScan finds that U.S. consumers are less worried about water shortages, but that doesn't mean businesses should ease up on water conservation.