Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute is an independent, entrepreneurial, 501(c)(3) nonprofit think-and-do tank™. We envisage a world thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, for ever. To that end, our mission is to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources. RMI is engaged in cutting-edge research on oil independence, renewable energy technologies, distributed energy, resource planning, green buildings and radically efficient transportation. RMI’s work incorporates a unique blend of whole-system thinking, integrative design, end-use/least-cost analysis, and an interdisciplinary knowledge of advanced technologies and techniques.

It will take better links with transit for existing transit infrastructure to work in the future.
It will take more than a 21st century grid makeover to reach a 2-degree world, including a rethinking of energy supply and demand.
Two leaders in the nascent commercial renewable energy arena are partnering to grown business purchasing power.
How utilities are taking advantage of customer-owned energy storage and demand flexibility.
The battle over the Pepco-Exelon Merger, which would create the nation's largest utility, reveals more consolidation and rate fights and on the horizon.
Lessons learned on renewable transitions for mines, industrial facilities and the military.
A combination of electric vehicles, shared transportation, public transit and planning for self-driving cars are crucial to efforts underway in the Texas capital.
After a banner year for renewable energy deals in 2015, it will take a broader expansion of enterprise buyers to expand the field.
Alongside states like Hawaii and California with ambitious clean energy goals, New York is getting specific about how to make the transition actually happen.
It depends how you measure.